This is the home of Pygmentify. It is a non-official GUI for Pygments, a generic syntax highlighter. Learn more about Pygments here: Official Website.

Step 1: Replace with your code

Step 2: Select the language your code is written on, and click "Pygmentify"

Step 3: Copy your formmated code


  • Can I use my own lexers and formatters?
    I'm not a big fan of running untrusted 3rd party code, so I won't probably add this feature.
  • When is X going to be implemented?
    I'll be working on adding as much features of Pygments as I can, so be patient ;)
  • How much can I use Pygmentify?
    Pygmentify is intented for personal use only. Anyone abusing the page will be blocked.
    So don't spam it please :)
  • Do you store my code?
    Nope, not a single bit of code is being stored.